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Election Season

I just wanted to take the time to talk about the upcoming election. Of course I will not take take the liberty of telling you who to vote for. Instead, I will encourage you to make the correct choice based on what you believe. If you like over-tanned men with rats nest for hair, and you believe they would be a sufficient president, then vote for them. If you like haggard old women that have been getting away with crime since the Watergate Scandal, vote for her. Make the decision based on who you find to be the best fit to lead the great country we all have the privilege of living in. Educate yourselves on the policies and beliefs...

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  Welcome to Ruck Up Apparel, LLC. I just wanted to take a moment to explain to you what this site is trying to accomplish.  Ruck Up Apparel was created to combat the high cost of military and patriotic themed apparel. Why should we have to pay top dollar for a quality shirt? We shouldn't. So we decided we would find a great quality shirt, create images for them, and sell them at a reasonable price. There are tons of sites selling cheap quality shirts for expensive prices. Our goal is to create a product we are proud to sell. Thus, we are trying to lower the price of military themed clothing by making the competition also have to lower...

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